our philosophy

To be conscious, aware, and in the present moment..
Your wedding day, simply put, is a once in a lifetime, individually unique and intimate experience between you and your partner. When you simply experience and let your emotions play out authentically, you naturally tell your story more divinely than any staged or posed moment ever could. We are not here to stage you in artificial poses and fake smiles — we are here to capture your story, to join you in your ecstasy and document the arresting spontaneity, as well as give gentle direction through thoughtful observation when suitable.
We are passionate people who are inspired by your emotion — the unguarded moments such as shared eye contact while fighting back soft tears of euphoria… gentle touches of elation or reassurance while wandering through the grand landscape… soft, dewey-eyed smiles of pure joy or even blissful disbelief between your vows — the organic moments when words from the purest depths of the heart are exchanged between lovers.
We are your photographers, but we are also your friends. So don’t rush, take a deep breath, and feel infinitely together in your extraordinary love — we will help guide and assist in crafting your wedding day!


We are Zachary and Ashley Vemwell, a fine art photography duo currently creating and residing along the northern coast of Washington State. With our values of minimalism, sustainability and organic, holistic wellness, we strive to create and thrive as consciously and sustainably as possible. We have a passion for the analog way of living, and through spending our time living slowly and mindfully, we enjoy our quiet life together experiencing the beauty of the natural world. In addition to our constant fervor for film photography, we avidly pursue yoga, meditation, reading and learning (mainly about holistic wellbeing, psychology and philosophy), exploring nature by foot, cycling, organic plant-based cooking, and quite literally all things holistic health — to name just a handful of important things we hold dear!

our photography

Film is the truest representation of the world, and that is why it is our medium of choice. While a digital camera interprets a photograph by code, a film camera captures a photograph by chemical emulsion on light sensitive film. Through this process, we are able to capture delicately intimate moments in time in their truest tonality, perception, depth, and motion.
Our arsenal consists of fully manual and mechanical medium format (Hasselblad) and 35mm (Leica) equipment. We exclusively shoot with black and white film as it gives our work a timeless, dream like aesthetic (much like your love story!). In addition, we personally hand develop and process all of our film, and currently work hands on with a select group of artists to produce the most sustainable, personal, and highest quality fine art framed prints and albums available. At present, we are working with both a digital printer along the east coast and an analog printer out of a studio in Flagstaff Arizona, as well as a framer and album maker both creating here in Washington State.

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